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Free webinar on How to Successfully Manage Your Team for UMP Serbia in Belgrade

I have conducted a free webinar: How to Successfully Manage Your Team, for the Association of young Entrepreneurs of Serbia. Great energy, great discussion and Q&A session after the webinar.

Thanks “UMPS” team for providing me with professional support at the webinar

How to improve teamwork effectiveness in the workplace webinar from Miodrag Kostic, CMC

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Webinars on Digital Transformation and How to say NO to your bosses and colleagues for QSA

I conducted two more webinars together with Qatar Skills Academy team; to plan, prepare and deliverer series of webinars for their clients in Doha, Qatar.

  • 15.12.2020 – Digital Transformation in B2B Business Environment
  • 16.12.2020 – How to say NO to your Colleagues or Bosses?

Thank you “QSA team” for providing me with exceptional level of professional support.

Digital transformation Online guide to expert analyses and digital strategy development from Miodrag Kostic, CMC

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