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Digitalization of businesses in Serbia during Covid-19 crisis article in Blic newspaper

On the Business Pages of Blic Newspaper there was an article on SPEED program online digital transformation  workshops I have implemented with two of my clients. This workshops were implemented through our Center for Digital Transformation consulting support program for Serbian SMEs.

The digitalization of business during the global health crisis caused by the spread of the corona virus is becoming an imperative, a condition for the competitiveness and survival of companies. Consumer habits and ways of doing business are changing, with a focus on online sales, document exchange, service delivery, video conferencing, cloud solutions and data security.
In response to the challenges faced by most micro, small and medium enterprises in Serbia due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Center for Digital Transformation of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (CDT PKS) in cooperation with the German Organization for International Cooperation (GIZ) created SPEED program, to support companies to better digitize their business.
With the help of certified digital transformation consultants, 100 companies did a free analysis of the current situation and received advice on the development and implementation of priority digital goals and strategies, how to increase sales and productivity with the help of available, mostly free digital technologies, said Predrag Nikolic, director of CDT PKS.
For the company “Monarch“, a manufacturer of uniforms for restaurants and hotels, all orders were stopped with the introduction of emergency measures, while for the company “Berko Production“, a manufacturer of agricultural machines that exports more than half of its production, closing borders seriously jeopardized business continuity. Companies have applied for the SPEED program and sought the support of expert consultants.
“At the first online meeting, we analyzed in detail the current state of business, defined problems, obstacles, challenges, as well as opportunities to improve work using digital tools and new business models. We set priorities, what we can immediately improve through SPEED workshops, and what through regular CDT programs As the goal of both companies is to keep existing and acquire new customers, a Value Proposal Map has been created that provides an overview of the characteristics and values of the product for customers and the reasons why they buy it, “explained Miodrag Kostic, SPEED consultant.
The company “Monarch” will use the advice of the consultant to strengthen messages for customers in electronic materials, product catalog and company profile, as well as through online communication channels, social networks and the website, points out Miroslav Krstanović, director.
“Berko Production” is currently redesigning the website, so it will direct all recommendations from the SPEED program to improve communication with clients on the new website, said Andrea Horvat, director.
As they point out in these companies, through the SPEED program, they have learned a lot about how to improve their business by using digital tools, and they will also apply for other trainings organized by CDT.

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