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Interview with Dr Jonas Ridderstrale for Profit magazine

There was a wonderful event taking place on 14.10.2008 in Opera&Teatru „Madlenianum“, in Zemun, the conference “Funky Busine$$ – Modern business philosophy for increasing the profit” – with Dr Jonas Ridderstrale.

Jonas Ridderstrale

For those who hasn’t read “Funky Business”, it is one of the most popular business books of all times. The book is currently ranked on 16th place of the most popular business books of all times, and it is a must reed book.

Jonas Ridderstrale

Dr Jonas Ridderstrale was magnificent. No wonder he wan the 9th place in the Thinkers 50 publication for most influential management gurus in the world and has being proclaimed as No.1 Management Thinker in Europe. I even had the opportunity to interview him for Profit magazine. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.


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QualityPharm Serbia – Innovative marketing without internet web site

At www.funkybusinessubeogradu.com I read the statement about the organizer, and wanted to visit there web site www.qualitypharm.rs This is what I found: Untitled document, QualityPharm web site under construction:


The only information about them I was able to find on the web was:

 QualityPharm je prva i jedina specijalizovana kompanija fokusirana na alternativne i inovativne marketinške strategije i biznis konsalting u farmaciji.

 Or in English: QualityPharm is the first and only specialised company focused on alternative and innovative marketing strategies and business consulting in pharmacy.

My questions are:

  1. Should internet marketing be considered as one of the alternative and innovative marketing strategies?
  2. How do they consult their clients on communication strategy when they do not have a web site.
  3. Are they intuiting so hard for their customers that they did not have time to build their corporate web site?
  4. Did they focused on pharmacy because they know much about the Serbian pharmaceutical industry, or because its where most of the easy money in marketing is?

I have to admit QualityPharm has done great service to Serbian business community by bringing Dr Jonas Ridderstrale as speaker at “FUNKY BUSINE$$ – Modern business philosophy for increasing the profit” , but I have to write this because I am sick and tired about marketing GURUs who offer alternative and innovative marketing strategies and do not have their own corporate web site.

It’s the same as when I wrote, a while ago, about Hochegger Srbija PR agency, who at a time. claimed would become leaders of our communication industry in Serbia and did not have a web site.


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Edgios Search soft Serbian launch campaign (alpha testing)

Last few weeks I was enjoying myself doing my old profession – web consulting. We had wonderful opportunity to create and implement On-line campaign for Edgios search project soft-lounch (alfa testing) in Serbia. This is a very serious venture capital story with over 1 million US$ initial investment. Here is the screen shot of how it looks like. You can find it on: http://www.edgios.com/

Edgios serach

Edgios is a large-scale distributed search ‘cloud’ that offers higher-quality search results. Users participate in the cloud by downloading the Edgios personal search software, and connecting that software to the net. Edgios does not use a centralized search index of the Web, located in a massive data center, fed by an algorithmic ‘crawler’. Instead, it has an index that’s built by users, for users, and it employs a fully distributed index residing in memory and on the disks of computers that are part of the search cloud.

The reason Serbia was chosen for soft-launch campaign is because Edgios has been founded by Dr. Borislav Agapiev, who grew up in Belgrade before moving to the US in 1985. Also the technology that makes Edgios possible has been developed entirely in Serbia, by a team of extremely talented and bright young developers.

 You can download it here, please enjoy it!

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