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Few weeks ago as we have been developing our Sales Academy project, I have noticed a need for specific service on Serbian business education and consulting market. Most of the companies do not have a plan on how to organize sales and systematically approach the problem of selling. So we have compiled the list of 50 questions (each one with dozen or more sub-questions). We made it into template form for the training “Create your sales plan“, and we also do it as a consulting project.

We go to the client and together with their sales force find answers to specific questions. First we gather all the necessary information on company, sales, organization of sales, selling process, sales relations, sales information, sales management, marketing. Than we start building the sales action plan: how to prepare for sales, how to realize selling process, and how to evaluate sales results.

Anyway, it is a great tool for sales managers to look at their sales organization, see where it is now, decide where they want to go, and how will they get there. Here is the list of these questions. Find the right answers and enjoy profitable sales and happy and loyal customers.

1. What is your business about?
2. What is your business environment?
3. What is your competitive environment?
4. What are the main business goals of your company?
5. What is the business strategy of your company?
6. What are the main sales goals of your company?
7. What is the sales strategy of your company?
8. What are the individual (measurable) sales goals of your company?
9. What are the timetables (deadlines) to accomplish sales goals?
10. How is your sales force organized (sales organization)?
11. What are your current sales activities?
12. What are your sales results (sales parameters)?
13. What are the phases of your selling process?
14. What are the steps of your selling process?
15. What are personal selling skills and experience of your sales force?
16. How are relationships with other company departments?
17. Who are your stakeholders (who will cry if you die)?
18. Who are your strategic partners and strategic alliances?
19. How do you gather sales information (intelligence gathering)?
20. What are the information on your clients?
21. What are the information on your market?
22. What are the information on your competition?
23. What are the information on your industry?
24. What are the information on your products/services?
25. How do you manage relations with your potential clients?
26. How do you manage relations with your existing clients?
27. How do you perform and manage customer service?
28. How do you measure-record your sales results?
29. What is your sales reporting (recording) system?
30. What is the SWOT analyses for your company’s sales?
31. What is the SWOT analyses for your products/services?
32. What is the marketing strategy of your company?
33. How would you fulfill your sales goals (essence of your sales plan)?
34. How would you organize your sales force (sales organization)?
35. How would you measure and control fulfillment of your sales goals?
36. How would you carry out your sales support actions?
37. How would you establish strategic partnerships and alliances?
38. How would you gather sales information?
39. How would you carry out strategy and tactics of gaining new clients?
40. How would you create communication channels to new customers?
41. How would you carry out strategy and tactics of CRM?
42. What would be the steps of your selling process?
43. How would you create loyalty programs for your clients?
44. How would you plan and create your sales budget?
45. What would be your sales action plans (timetable)?
46. What are the actions and timetable to create sales department?
47. What are the actions and timetable to maintain sales department?
48. How would you measure-record your sales results?
49. Who would control (and how) you control sales action execution?
50. How would you perform evaluation of your sales plan execution?

50 questions + 50 answers = better sales + more profit

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