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Professor Mica Jovanovic dean of Megatrend University on learning

I was reading No. 2 issue of Profit magazine and in the article “What is produced by business schools” I have read the following statement from Professor Mica Jovanovic dean of Megatrend University in Belgrade:

Students in Serbia can get all the knowledge they need here in Serbia and they do not lag behind their colleagues in the west. One of our students went to USA on Fulbright scholarship . She called us from graduate specialist studies and said: “I don’t have anything to learn here. Everything that is offered here I have learned at my faculty in Belgrade. If nothing I am learning English language.” – said professor Jovanovic with pride.

Mica Jovanovic

Have you noticed the statement “I don’t have anything to learn in the USA!“. She is going to be PhD or, who knows, may be even professor at Megatrend University, and she doesn’t have anything to learn at graduate studies in the USA. Serbia’s “intellectual elite” has nothing to learn from the outside world, because they know everything there is to know. That’s why we are one of the last (worst) countries in Europe, in every respect.

I would only mention what Professor Isak Adizes has said about learning, that he learns every day, and he is always behind, considering all that is to be learned. When we compare the statement of Mr. Adizes with one from Mr. Jovanovic, we can see why education in Serbia is in such a sorry state. Its not the problem if you know that you don’t know, at least, that’s the first step towards knowledge. The worst is to have illusion of knowing everything, when you realy don’t know that you don’t know.

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