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The Fun Workplace May Be the Most Productive – New York Times

This is an article I read in New York Times – articles selected by Politika newspaper. It was written by Lisa Belkin, in her “Life’s Work” column. Its so much in line with my own article “Working with a smile”, I wrote in Emagazin few years age. You just must read this article. I scanned and OCR-ed it into my blog.

Work, in its most traditional sense, is the antithesis of fun. As my grandmother used to say, when I complained about a boss or a deadline, “There’s a reason they call it work.” Grandma would be beyond surprised at what Adrian Gostick and Scott Christopher have to say in “The Levity Effect: Why It Pays to Lighten Up.” The book, which is being published this month, examines how fun in the office increases the bottom line. “When they’re laughing, they’re listening,” said Mr. Gostick, an author and consultant on employee motivation. He and Mr. Christopher, a comedian and humor columnist for Human Capital magazine, chuckle as they offer favorite arguments: Being fun gets you hired. A study of 737 chief executives of major corporations found that 98 percent would hire an applicant with a good sense of humor over one who seemed to lack one.

Having fun makes people loyal. According to a survey of 1,000 workers conducted for the authors by the global market research firm Ipsos, employees who laugh at work tend to stay. Those who rated their manager’s sense of humor “above average” also said there was a 90 percent chance they would stay in their job for more than a year. If they worked for a boss whose sense of humor they describe as “average” or below, the employee’s chances of staying dropped to 77 percent.

Amusing people go far. According to a study in the Harvard Business. Review, executives described by coworkers as having a good sense of humor “climb the corporate ladder more quickly, and earn more money than their peers.” A good laugh is good for your health. A study from the University of Maryland showed that while stress decreased blood flow, humor increased it. By 22 percent.

O.K., laughter is beneficial. And potentially good for business. But isn’t that knowledge its own form of stress? I mean, what if you aren’t funny? Not to worry, Mr. Gostick said. “We define levity as more of a lightness, more being fun than being funny,” he said. “Great leaders have a way of bringing lightness into the workplace.”

In recent years, a growing number of companies have strived to have “lighthearted” workplaces, Mr. Gostick said. Bain & Company, the business consulting firm, does that by gathering more than 400 employees from around the world for the annual Bain World Cup soccer tournament. Lego America in Enfield, Connecticut, which manufactures toys, encourages employees to travel the company campus via scooter. Google holds roller-hockey games in the parking lot twice a week, has ongoing Scrabble tournaments throughout the day and boasts a baby grand piano in the break room. Some companies actually put a group or an individual in charge of planning the levity.

At the advertising agency iris North America it’s called “the Smile Squad,” said Stewart Shanley, a founder. The squad is responsible for “general well-being and serendipitous happenings” at the 475 employee agency, Mr. Shanley said. “Keeping people happy is what makes them perform,” he said. “The trick about running a successful business is to attract talent, and then this is the part people seem to forget, to manage and retain that talent. That’s what the squads are for.”


Also this is another excellent article: “Time Wasted? Perhaps It’s Well Spent” by Lisa Belkin, in her “Life’s Work” column, on similar subject.

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My article on retail selling “Good day, neighbor” in Profit Magazin No.1

Few days ago at the newsstand there was a “new kid on the block”, Magazine Profit. This is how it looks like on the newsstand, so don’t forget to get one while you can. It is so good!


It was published by some of my old friends from Emagazin, and it was all you could have expected. They have done a great job.


Also you can find my article on retail selling “Good day, neighbor” (Dobar dan, komsija). I plan to write series of articles on practical methodology of selling retail (retail selling system). I hope readers would find it useful to increase there retail sales effectiveness. 


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