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“Personal selling skills” training in Serbian Chambers of Commerce, Smederevo

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Few days ago, my friend Daniel Tavcioski and I have held presentation of our “Personal selling skills” training in Serbian Chambers of Commerce, Smederevo. Some 30 people, mostly entrepreneurs from the region, gathered to hear about what is selling, and how to become better salesmen. I am so glad we were able to implant the seed of selling knowledge, so much needed today, in our transitional economy.


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Remembering my visit to CEBIT fair in Hanover, Germany

At this moment in time in Serbia, when we are steadily moving away from European integrations, I remembered my visit to CEBIT fair in Hanover, Germany, few years ago. I was part of the press tour organized by Siemens.
Its not about me, I have spent most of my adult life in the west, but I feel said about Serbian youth. Unfortunately, all they would be able to do, for many years to come, is work as slaves for local clepto-cracy (tycoons) and keep voting for Vojislav Kostunica.





I can only hope these pictures are where Serbia will eventually look after. Hopefully we will leave the “elite club” of nations like Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan … and get back to our European roots.

The last picture is of Indian exhibition. You should have seen our neighbors, like Romania, Bulgaria … looking great. By the way, our exhibition booth looked like it was pulled out of a museum (of soc-realistic history).

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