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Article on “Active Learning” published in eMagazin No.58

In the last issue of eMagazin I have published an article on Active Learning. To summarize what is active learning I have used quotation from Benjamin Franklin (famous face looking at us today from $100 bill)

$100 bill

Tell me and I’ll forget,
Show me and I might remember,
Involve me and I’ll understand.

– Benjamin Franklin

My argument is simple: Active learning is not just education methodology, it is acquired state of mind change of the student, who is actively involved in the learning process.

The title says: State of mind change

eMagazin br.58

In the article I have quoted what Diane Cromer has said about Active learning in my interview in eMagazin No.55:

Our seminars are performed as interactive workshops. Forty percent of the training is in the form of giving formal information (hard facts, or as some call it – theoretical knowledge), and sixty percent is as active participation, where participants exercise or practice in teams. Learning has to be fun, for the people to get deeply involved in the learning process, they have to enjoy it.

New information + case studies + exercises = competency

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